Our Board

The Rabbit Room is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our board is comprised of a group of multi-talented individuals who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the governance of the organization.


Pete Peterson
Vice President

Chris Wall

Andrew Peterson

Laura Preston

Christie Bragg

Kenny Woodhull

scott anderson 2   j.jpg

Scott Anderson


We've assembled a unique and talented group of writers, musicians, artists, pastors, and poets to function as primary contributors to the ongoing Rabbit Room conversation. We also have an open submissions policy through which we are constantly looking for new and interesting voices to add to the roster. View our submissions policy here.

Andrew Peterson
Musician, Author

A. S. Peterson
Author, Editor

Russ Ramsey
Author, Speaker

Thomas McKenzie
Author, Pastor, Film Critic

Doug McKelvey
Author, Poet, Oddity

Ron Block
Banjo Ninja, Writer

Lanier Ivester

Sarah Clarkson

David Mitchel
Writer, Lawyer

Joe Sutphin

Matt Conner
Writer, Journalist

Jonathan Rogers

Heidi Johnston

Jamin Still
Author, Painter

David Michael Bruno

Chris Slaten
Musician, Writer

Jennifer Trafton
Author, Artist

Chris Yokel
Teacher, Poet, Writer

Jen Rose Yokel
Poet, Writer

Eric Peters
Musician, Writer, Painter

Rebecca Reynolds
Author, Poet

Jonny Jimison
Graphic Novelist, Cartoonist