The Rabbit Room fosters Christ-centered community and spiritual formation through music, story, and art.


From the beginning, music has been a central gathering point for the Rabbit Room community. Whether through live events like the Local Show, new releases from favorite artists, or the discovery of fresh new talent, we believe music brings people together.


Through books, movies, theater, and other media, the magic of storytelling has the power to shape not only our minds, but the world around us. And story, like music, has the kind of magic that not only draws people closer to one another, but draws them further up and further into the great Story.



Painting, gardening, pottery, woodcraft, parenting, cooking--whenever we spend our energy in creative action, art is the result. And it's these creative acts, large and small, that remind us we are ourselves the work of a Creator. Art is sacramental, pointing us toward the Truth present in every atom of Creation.