Submission Policy

Are you interested in being a guest contributor on the Rabbit Room? Great! We’d love to have you. We welcome guest posts that fall within the Rabbit Room’s area of interest. We are looking for articles that illuminate the various intersections of faith, art, creativity, and community. This includes articles about music, writing, film, books, poetry, and a host of ancillary topics. When discussing specific artists (musicians, authors, etc.) we try to focus on those who are perhaps unknown to many readers yet deserve more recognition than they receive. Of course we’re also interested in Inklings-centric articles and articles about other writers in the Rabbit Room “canon,” like Buechner, Berry, Dillard, O’Connor, MacDonald, and Wangerin.

The best way to tell what is appropriate and likely to be published is to read the website regularly and participate in the community. The more in tune you are with the Rabbit Room and its particular flavors, the more likely we are to publish your work.

The Rabbit Room editorial board will carefully consider all submissions, but we cannot respond unless we choose to use your work. Submissions selected for use will be those that are well crafted, articulate, and germane to the subjects noted above.

All submissions are subject to editing by Rabbit Room staff and may be published at any time. If your submission is accepted and published, you will be compensated with a $20 gift card for use in the Rabbit Room Store (limited to one card per writer per month).

Please feel free to submit your work elsewhere if you do not hear from us within a week of submitting.

Style Guide

Before submitting your work, please be sure that it adheres to these basic style guidelines.

Use italics for the following:

  • Book titles
  • Album titles
  • Film titles

Put the following in quotation marks:

  • Song titles
  • Essay or article titles
  • Note: punctuation goes inside the quotation marks (with few exceptions).

Also note the following:

  • There should only be a single space between the period of one sentence and the first letter of the next.
  • If you quote from another source, be sure to include proper credit.
  • Numerals 1-9 should be written out (i.e., “one” through “nine”). If a sentence begins with a number, always write out that number.
  • Decades should be written like so: the 1970s or ‘70s

How to Submit

Email submissions to and include the word “Guest Submission” in the subject line. All submissions will be carefully considered by the Rabbit Room editorial board, but we will only respond if we choose to use your work.